Second Chances: The Courtship Wars by Regina Jeffers

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Dr. Carter Damron, a noted psychologist, has it all: good looks, a high society girlfriend, a growing fan base, and a media deal for his own television show. Yet, when he meets Gillian Cornell, he ironically sees what he does not have – a love which will complete him. A bit of a free spirit, Gillian Cornell does not need complications such as Carter Damron in her life. He is shallow and surprisingly self-assured. Besides, Gillian has her own goals to define, and she has responsibilities the infantile Dr. Damron would never understand. However, a once-in-a-lifetime love dangles teasingly within their reach if they can put their former prejudices about each other to rest and work together on television’s newest reality show Second Chances. Each week the show’s contestants compete for a dream wedding and a quarter million dollars. To do so, the couples, who were previously married, must undergo psychological therapy and good, old-fashioned competitions. As the medical support staff, Gillian and Carter find themselves thrown head first into the competitions also. It seems the American public are enthralled with their blossoming relationship. Tuning in each week to watch the next level of competition and to vote for their favorites, viewers tell the show’s producers they like the battling psychologists as well as they do the contestants. Ultimately, Carter and Gillian become the show’s stars and the face of the franchise. Meanwhile, secrets of a former life and previous relationships threaten to end the happiness, keeping it barely beyond Carter and Gillian’s grasp. Can their love survive the complex emotional swirl forcing them to put their trust to the test? Is “happily ever after” only a dream?

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