Honor and Hope by Regina Jeffers

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From the first moment Will Darcy meets her, Liz Bennet consumes his every thought. He is the star quarterback, winner of a collegiate national championship and a Super Bowl ring; he could name the woman with whom he wants to spend his time, but it is Elizabeth Bennet to whom he is devoted. Like two fires consuming one another, Will and Liz have a passionate desire for one another, sometimes to the point of distraction. Meeting first in college, they become the athletic “darlings” of their college campus until Will’s Southern honor puts him in a position to control Liz’s life; then, her fierce independence makes Liz fight Will’s need to “take care of everyone he loves,” dashing his hopes of their loving each other forever. Six years later they find one another along the road to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and the passionate spark between them brings them back together, but “secrets” threaten to destroy their “hopes” once again. Can Liz tolerate Will’s secret control of her financial future? Can Will forgive Liz for keeping the knowledge of their child from him? Misunderstandings mixed with the intrigue of Congressional hearings into steroid use in pro sports along with blackmail peppers the lives of two dynamic characters who need each other to be complete but who could easily destroy each other with their passion. Will Darcy embodies the compelling romantic lead. He is stoic, enigmatic, and intriguing. His inscrutable nature personifies the female fantasy, creating the perfect soul mate. Spunky and independent, Liz Bennet forces the issue of individual identity while meeting the responsibility for her family’s social and economic well being. Yet, Liz questions her own ability to keep Will’s love while desperately needing it. Having a blend of admirable qualities, quirks, and flaws, Liz Bennet is someone any reader would want to know. Honor and Hope explores the special question of the meaning of freedom in a loving relationship.

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